Fellowship Meals

First Church enjoys offering several all-church meals throughout the year.

Dinners for Nine: Are offered two or three times a year. Everyone gathers in the Parish House for appetizers, and then they are split up into smaller groups (about nine people) to have dinner and dessert in host homes. Host homes offer the main course, and guests supply the rest of the meal.

Potluck Dinners: Are offered once or twice a year in the Parish House. Everyone brings a dish of some kind to share.

Rally Sunday Picnic: Is offered after church on Rally Sunday at either Beech Hill Farm or Gould Hill Farm (alternates annually between the two locations). Everyone is invited to bring a dish to share.

End-of-year Barbecue: Is offered after church on Youth Sunday. The Senior High Youth Group grills hamburgers and hotdogs for a small donation toward their summer mission trip.