Care for the World

Tim and Patti Fader, Medical Missionaries

First Church began supporting Tim and Patti Fader in 1987, when they first left for Kijabe Hospital in Kenya to serve as medical missionaries. From 2003 through 2011, the Faders served in Kabul, Aghanistan, where Tim helped train physicians in family practice medicine. In 2012, they began a new assignment in the Horn of Africa, where Tim is teaching with the Family Medicine Residents.

Tim Fader is a family practice physician, and Patti is a registered nurse. First Church was introduced to the Faders through the Van Loan family (First Church members), who are cousins of the Faders. First Church’s donations to the Faders are directed through African Inland Missions (AIM), under whose umbrella they work. The Faders try to visit First Church every four years when they take a sabbatical. When not on missionary assignments, they reside in Naperville, IL, outside Chicago.

Valerie Hill Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1994 in memory of Valerie Hill, who was a member of First Church and the Mission Board, this fund supports scholarships for Kenyan nursing students at the Kijabe Hospital (, which is part of African Inland Mission. Originally organized with the help of Tim and Patti Fader, the nursing school is now managed entirely by the Kenyans. This fund makes it possible for Kenyans to learn nursing skills, earn a degree, and then go out in their rural communities to provide medical care. Often nurses who have graduated from the program are the only medical practitioners for multiple communities.

While the Valerie Hill Scholarship was once funded through the Mission Board budget, it is now sustained through individual donations from church members. Twice a year, at Easter and Christmas, the Valerie Hill Scholarship Fund is listed as a choice for special donations. Then, once a year on June 1st, a check is sent through African Inland Mission to Kijabe Hospital for scholarship distribution.

The Executive Director of Kijabe Hospital and those who work with her have total discretion in determining who receives scholarship assistance. The director shares with us information about the students and their status.

Faith Mulira Health Care Center

The Faith Mulira Health Care Center ( is a U.S.-based, not-for-profit organization established in 2003 to improve health care for the people living in and around the East African village of Masooli, Uganda. Since 2003, the organization has constructed a new health care facility in Masooli that will further their goals of delivering high-quality diagnostic and preventive care, outpatient treatment, and health education services to an area of Uganda that currently is underserved.

Rev. Crouch’s parents, Dr. Gordon and Nancy Crouch, have been instrumental in developing and leading this organization, chairing and serving on the U.S. board of directors.

Child Fund International

Child Fund International coordinates caring sponsors reaching out to needy children and their families around the world. First Church currently sponsors three children. We strive to assign each child to a Sunday School class, so they may correspond with one another. Our three children are:

  • Yuri Vanessa Fernandez, Honduras, born Feb. 28, 1994 (Yuri is continuing on to college)
  • Jackline Asimit, Kenya, born Aug. 9, 1997
  • Lenin Staling Garcia, Honduras, born Mar. 8, 1999