Weekly Announcements

Bulletin insert from Jan. 14, 2018


January 14 – 20

Sun         Jan 14              10am                      Morning Worship

                                                                       Rev. Dr. Dawn Berry, guest preacher

                                                                       Sunday school

                                                                        Nursery Care available

Mon       Jan 15                                             Civil Rights Day – office closed

                                        2pm                        Memorial Service for John Krantz

Tue         Jan 16              7:00pm                   Hand Bell Choir Rehearsal

                                        7:00pm                   Prayer Shawls – D. Taylor’s home

Wed       Jan 17              6-9am                     Rotary Breakfast

                                        7:30pm                   Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Thu         Jan 18              9:30am                   Morning Book Croup

                                        6:30pm                   Connections meeting

January 21 -27

                                        Rev. Crouch’s Writing Week

Sun         Jan 21              10am                      Morning Worship

                                                                       Rev. Crouch preaching

                                                                       Sunday School

                                                                       Nursery Care available

Tue         Jan 23              5-9pm                     Rotary PETS meeting – Great Hall        

                                        7pm                        Hand Bell Choir Rehearsal

Wed       Jan 24              6-9am                     Rotary Breakfast

                                        7:30pm                   Chancel Choir Rehearsal


The Upper Room for January and February is available on the table in the narthex and the information table in the Parish House.  This is an outreach of the Diaconate and the booklets are free of charge.



The prayer shawl group will meet on Tuesday, January 16 at 7pm at Digit Taylor’s home.

The next meeting will be on February 20 at 7pm at Lynn Hughan’s

Dijit promises a cozy evening by the woodstove on the 16th  and would love to have you bring a friend.  Please let her know if you are coming so she has enough chairs.


Every-Other-Week Sermon Series: Words of Wisdom from the Book of James

 The Book of James is a favorite book of the Bible for many people because it is uniquely practical and direct in how it teaches us to live life.  As we make our way through this book together, you are encouraged to take some time to read through it on your own.  It’s a brief book – only 5 chapters – and it is full of practical wisdom.  Reading through it can also be one of your spiritual practices as we enter the season of Lent.

January 7              “Seeing Our Struggles Differently”

                              James 1:1-4

                              Sacrament of Communion

January 14            Guest Minister: Rev. Dr. Dawn Berry

January 21            “Improving Our Relationships”

                              James 1:17-26

January 28            Guest Minister: Rev. Ken Boyle

February 4            “The Great Inversion”

                              James 1:27 – 2:6

February 11         Guest Minister: Rev. Dr. Jim Howard

February 18         Taming the Tongue”

                              James 3:1-12

February 25         Guest Minister: Rev. Dr. Dawn Berry

March 4                “Grace to the Humble”

                              James 4:1-6

March 11              Guest Minister: Rev. Dr. Jim Howard

March 18              “The Powerful Practice of Prayer”

                              James 5:13-16

March 25              Guest Minister: Rev. Richard Slater

                              Palm Sunday


January 2-7                         AT CHURCH

January 8 – 15                     Away (writing)

January 16-21                     AT CHURCH

January 22 -29                    Away (writing)

January 30 – February 4    AT CHURCH

February 5 – 12                  Away (writing)

February 13 – 18                AT CHURCH

February 19-26                   Away (writing)

February 27 – March 4      AT CHURCH

March 5 – 12                       Away (writing)

March 13 – 18                    AT CHURCH

March 19 -26                      Away (writing)

March 27 and on                AT CHURCH


                      “Not in God’s Name:  Confronting Religious Violence”

                                               By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Beginning January 11, the Thursday Morning Book Group will be reading and discussing “NOT IN GOD’S NAME” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

 If religion is perceived as part of the problem when it comes to violence committed in the name of God, then it must also form part of the solution.  By looking anew at the book of Genesis, Rabbi Sacks offers an eloquent call to people of goodwill from all faiths to stand together and confront religious extremism by declaring, “Not in God’s name.”

 All are invited to join us for a study of this powerful and timely book.  Led by Gordon Crouch, the group will me Thursday morning January 11th, and each Thursday thereafter that he is AT CHURCH (see schedule).


All are invited to attend the next meeting of the Connections Group on Thursday, January 18, at 6:30pm.  We will share with one another some of our Connections experiences from the fall, learn from one another what worked well and what needs to be improved, and encourage one another to continue to reach out to fellow parishioners in a spirit of love.

“The mission of the Connections Group is to build relationships with other people at First Church in order to 1) let them know they are cared about, and 20 strengthen the fellowship of the church.

This is right in line with our church’s mission:

“To provide a welcoming, inclusive, and loving church family in which people of all ages and backgrounds know they are valued and cared for and in which they experience the love and grace of God from one another.”


We have many new families this year and I will need to reassign some of the numbers before I can distribute the new envelopes.  This needs to happen after we close of calendar year.  If you do not currently have envelopes and would like a box, please drop a note in the offering plate or contact Margaret Serzans in the church office at 746-4235.

If you will be submitting your contributions in cash, please put them in an envelope with your name on it.  Do not use old envelopes.


 A Change In Our Church Newsletter

First Church is no longer able to mail printed copies of the monthly church newsletter.  Instead, it will be delivered electronically from now on via our all-church email list.  If your email is not on our email list, please contact Margaret in our church office and we will gladly add you.

 Our church office will make a few printed copies to mail to those parishioners who are not able to receive the newsletter electronically.  If you want to make sure your name is on this list, please contact Margaret.  We will also place a few printed copies in the narthex.


                         Pastor and Teacher      The Rev. Gordon L. Crouch

                                       Ministers      The Congregation

                                 Pastoral Care      Bud Hancock

                               Choir Directors      Missy Dustin and Mindy Wolfe

                                        Organist      Mary R. Dolch

                   Hand Bell Choir Director      Mindy Wolfe

Coord. of Children’s and Youth Ministry     Trish Walton

              Sacred Dance Choir Director      Heather Oberheim

                    Administrative Assistant      Margaret Serzans

                            Newsletter Editor      Heather Mitchell

                                   Bookkeeper      Kathy Donohoe


Welcome to Our 195th Year of Sunday School!

Check out the Newsletter for more information about our CE and Youth programs.

Our preschool and elementary students study a curriculum that explores Bible stories and Christian values.  Our middle school students focus on preparation for Confirmation and putting Christian values into practice.  Here are the stories and values our younger students will be studying in January.

January’s Story:                  Jonah and the Whale

January’s Value                   Obedience

Who Are Our Sunday School Teachers This Year? 

PreK -1st  Grade – Becky Levesque and Emily Van Hart

2nd– 5th Grades – Carol Sabol

6th & 8th Grade – Jim Lewis

Where Are Our Classrooms?

We will all be on the 2nd floor of the Parish House.  This year the nursery and two younger Sunday School classes will all be in the new part of the building, to the left at the top of the stairs.  7th & 8th grades will be in the Earl Rice Room, to the right at the top of the stairs.

 On–line Curriculum:  We have renewed our on-line subscription for teacher and parent use.  We invite you to use it to supplement your child’s experience in Sunday School.


Username:  CE Director

Password:  Sunday School

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns about the Sunday School program.

Trish Walton  trishwalton65@gmail.com

Coordinator of Children’s and Youth Ministries