Caring Connections

First Church has a wonderful tradition of members ‘being there’ for one another. We want to make sure these ways of reaching out to each other are well-defined, organized, and clear, especially as we prepare to welcome a new settled pastor in the church and community.

There are four ways that Caring Connections provides support.

1. prayer chain

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when we think about supporting each other is our prayer chain. The prayer chain involves Praying Members and those on the Prayer List. Both the Praying Members names and the names of those on Prayer List are confidential. These prayers are acts of Christian love between each person and God alone.

A Praying Member offers prayers, often by name but sometimes anonymously, for those on the list.

How do I become a Praying Member? Please let either the Pastor (currently Jill Small) or the Caring Connections Coordinator (currently Carolyn Keilig) know that you’d like to offer prayer for those on the Prayer List.

Praying Members receive an email update every time a new name or prayer concern is added to the Prayer list. Praying Members will get an up-to-date list about every 12 weeks.

How do I add myself or someone else on the Prayer List? For yourself: let the Pastor of Caring Connections Coordinator know you’d like your name added to the Prayer List. For a family member or friend: please make sure the person agrees to have his/her name on the Prayer List first, then reach out to the Pastor or Caring Connections Coordinator.

What if I want to withdraw as a Praying Member or take my name off the Prayer List? Again, simply let the Pastor or Caring Connections Coordinator know your wishes. We will not send an email saying, “Take this person off the Prayer List” every time a name is removed. Instead, Praying Members will get an up-to-date list every 12 weeks.

Carolyn Keilig

Many names have been on the prayer list for a long time, so we are starting fresh with a NEW list. PLEASE email Pastor Jill ( or Carolyn ( to ensure that you or someone you wish to include, is on the new list.

2. Friendly Focus

Every month, seven FCCH members write, phone, and/or visit about two dozen church members who live alone, live in a senior residence, or who are homebound.

If you’d like to join the Friendly Focus, please get in touch with the Pastor or Friendly Focus Coordinator. If you’d like to receive a monthly card, call, or visit let the Pastor or Friendly Focus Coordinator know.


3. Card Ministry

Are you interested in creating cards? The Card Ministry is a way to express both your creativity as your care for others. Card Ministry is a new endeavor as part of Caring Connections. We hope to offer tutorials about card making soon.


4. Meal Makers

After the loss of a loved one, when coming home after a hospital stay, or something else that has made preparing meals a challenge, the FCCH Meal Makers are here help! Volunteers will prepare and deliver meals for an individual or a family as agreed by the Meal Maker and the recipient.

How do I let Meal Makers know this service would be helpful for me or for another church member? Contact the Pastor or Meal Makers Coordinator.

Jenny Mullins ( 603.746.2546
Nancy Emery ( 603.746.5376