First Church now has the ability to accept pledged contributions electronically through a third party transaction service Donorbox. A fair amount of research was performed before selecting a quality organization. We reviewed a list of the organization’s existing clients, spoke with an existing client and reviewed the security and controls covering Donorbox’s operations.

Individuals using this form of giving have several decisions to make.

Choose amount. First, one will need to decide the amount to contribute and the frequency (one-time, weekly, monthly or quarterly). The first screen also asks if one would like to write a comment. Individuals should select the comment button and write “Pledge”. This will allow the Church to ensure this contribution is applied against the individual’s annual pledge.

Information. The next screen asks for your name and email. The email is used to provide a receipt and confirmation of the transaction.

Payment. Next, the donor decides on the type of payment, either credit card or ACH bank transfer. As a small organization, we kindly ask that the donor pay the transaction fees in addition to their contribution. The fees are approximately as follows: Credit card-2.9% plus $.30, ACH-.8% (capped at $5.00). The fees are clearly listed prior to accepting the transaction. Each donor will receive a receipt acknowledging the transaction.

Thank you for your gift!